Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Broward Teachers Economic/Career Fight!

Today I decided to share my personal story along with thousands of other Broward County Employees would are facing the most nerve wrecking and life challenging times know to Broward County School Employees. A whopping 460 administers and non administer positions has already been eliminated. Some of these individuals are one income family homes; some are single parent homes and the list going on and on…

The Broward County School Broad finds itself facing a 130,000,000.00 short fall and within the next couple of weeks 800 to 1000 teachers will get pink slips. This means Layoffs and pay cuts to hard working people!

The required cuts for the Broward County School System are the following:
Elementary Schools Principal must cut an estimate of $273, 00
Middle Schools Principal must cut an estimate of $492,000
High Schools Principal must cut an estimate of $809,000
The word around town is that Physical Education Teachers, Music Teachers, Art Teachers, Librarian will be cut to part time. Making ½ their regular salary.

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