Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Top 10 Foods for Your Summer Skin

1. Almonds - Skin boost! Sun Blocker! Almonds have a huge amount of Vitamin E, which helps fight the damage the sun does to your skin. Almonds are also stuffed with antioxidents, and those can help out your arteries, so why not just snack on a few almonds and help your skin out while staying healthy.
2. Cooked Tomatoes - Another Skin Boost! Sun Blocker! Lycopene, the stuff that makes tomatoes red, helps stop skin-aging caused by the sun. Cooking tomatoes helps concentrate its lycopene levels, so tomato sauce, tomato paste, and even ketchup pack on the protection. So does a hunk of lycopene-rich watermelon.
3. Safflower Oil - So it's not a food, but you can use it on food! Safflower Oil is the most amazing moisturizer for the skin, its helps with the dry, flaky skin. I'm not sure how it does when you rub it on the skin, but I'm sure either way would help!
4. Carrots - Carrots are full of Vitamin A, and everybody knows they are good for your eyes, but not many know that they can help with blemishes. Vitamin A helps the over population of your cells in the skins outer layers, that means fewer dead cells to clog pores.
5. Dark Chocolate - I wonder how many people are happy to see this on the list! I know i am! The antioxidants in dark chocolate can make your skin feel softer and help with the Sun's harmful rays.
6. Green Tea - Of course green tea is going to be on the list, green tea is amazing for your body, and healthy too! Green tea reduces the damage that the Sun does to your skin. Visually and under your skin, green tea is an all around helper!
7. Flaxseeds - Omega-3 fatty acids. (salmon is a good source too) Flaxseeds can help your skin with irritation and redness from the sun, or irritation and redness from anything.
8. Sweet Potatoes - Skin Boost! Wrinkle Blocker! With our skin tightening from the tan, then loosening back up, its going to create some wrinkles, though you might not see them now, sweet potatoes can really have an amazing effect on your skin in the logn run.
9. Tuna - Tuna is a skin tightener, like the sweet potatoes, Tuna can help with the wrinkles and the skin tightening, when it loosens back up your skin will be tighter because of the tuna!
10. Water - It seems as if everybody forgets about water these days, but water is what our body needs! It's obvious that our skin needs hydration, and the best way to get it is water!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

View the Free Abdominals & Fat Weight Loss Presentation

Picture of an Obese Teenager (146kg/322lb) wit...Image via Wikipedia

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Angelica Weight Loss Blog Mission Statement

I have a four year degree in Varying Exceptionality in Education and I live and play in sunny south Florida. I been teaching elementary school for five years, I am also a part-time affiliate marketer. I’ve been in a relationship with a wonderful man for over four years. Everything is perfect between us for the exceptions of the regular minor problems most relationship experiences.
The goal of my blog is not just to push any SCAMMY Weight Loss products to make a buck. I am promoting “FATBURNING FURNACE” and “The Truth About Six Pack Abs” two of the best weight loss products on the internet market today. My blog is a place where you can come and be informed as well as educated about the latest successful weight loss strategies, products and services available. I am determined to have the best and most informational blog regarding today weight loss issues because I also fought the over-weight demon most people are fighting. I am providing hope and real weight loss information that I wish was available for me. I look forward to hearing from you soon; your comments are greatly appreciated. You can also follow me on TWITTER at http://twitter.com/AngellossWeight.
I would love to hear the viewer’s comments about my blog. I found a hilarious website I thought would be great to share with my new followers; I hope you enjoy it as much as I did http://www.scordit.com/blog/the-8-most-irritating-types-of-gadget-owners/

Monday, May 31, 2010

Cardiovascular Health Benefits

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Properly conducted resistance training can give you startling fat loss results, along with muscle and strength gains. On top of that, when using the techniques I describe in the Fat Burning Furnace eBook, you'll also receive "top drawer" cardiovascular health benefits. And all from 2-3 workouts each week lasting just 15-20 minutes on average.

But, you've got to do them right, not like the average resistance trainer is taught these days. Walk into any fitness center or gym and you'll see at least half if not more of the exercisers performing their workouts in a less than optimal way...and that's being kind.

So let's get right to one of the ways you can triple your resistance training results immediately. It has to do with how you specifically perform the repetitions. To better understand this, let's examine our 3 different strength levels in any resistance exercise.

Take the dumbbell curl exercise for the biceps for example. In this movement, you begin with the weight down at your sides. You proceed to smoothly and slowly curl the dumbbells up to your shoulders. This movement trains your positive strength level. You should then pause briefly and contract your biceps at the top of the movement. This trains your static strength level.

Finally, you would want to lower the dumbbells slowly back to the starting position. This trains your negative strength level.
So visit http://0b198ft7tbg7bxelx5ohz7jmvo.hop.clickbank.net and see all the benefits FATBURNING FURNANCE has to offer.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

America's Best & Worst "Health" Drinks

By David Zinczenko, with Matt Goulding

Worst Water
Snapple Agave Melon Antioxidant Water (1 bottle, 20 fl oz)
150 calories
0 g fat
33 g sugars (8 teaspoons of the stuff!)
Sugar Equivalent: 2 Good Humor Chocolate Éclair Bars

While “Worst Water” may sound like an oxymoron, the devious minds in the bottled beverage industry have even found a way to besmirch the sterling reputation of the world’s most essential compound. Sure, you may get a few extra vitamins, but ultimately, you’re paying a premium price for gussied-up sugar water. Next time you buy a bottle of water, check the recipe: You want two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen, and very little else.

Drink This Instead!
0 calories
0 g sugars

Worst Bottled Tea
SoBe Green Tea (1 bottle, 20 fl oz)
240 calories
0 g fat
61 g sugars (15 teaspoons of the stuff!)
Sugar Equivalent: 4 slices Sara Lee Cherry Pie

Leave it to SoBe to take an otherwise healthy bottle of tea and inject it with enough sugar to turn it into dessert. The Pepsi-owned company’s flagship line, composed of 11 flavors with names like “Nirvana” and “Cranberry Grapefruit Elixir” is marketed to give consumers the impression that it can cleanse the body, mind, and spirit. Don’t be fooled. Just like this bottle of green tea, all of these beverages are made with two primary ingredients: water and sugar.

Drink This Instead!
Honest Tea Green Dragon Tea (1 bottle, 16 fl oz)
60 calories
0 g fat
16 g sugars

Worst Frozen Fruit Drink
Krispy Kreme Lemon Sherbet Chiller (20 fl oz)
980 calories
40 g fat (36 g saturated)
115 g sugars (29 teaspoons of the stuff!)
Sugar Equivalent: 16 medium-size chocolate eclairs

Imagine taking a regular can of soda, pouring in 18 extra teaspoons of sugar, and then swirling in half a cup of heavy cream. Nutritionally speaking, that’s exactly what this is, which is how it manages to marry nearly two days’ worth of saturated fat with enough sugar to leave you with a serious sucrose hangover. Do your heart a favor and avoid any of Krispy Kreme’s “Kremey” beverages. The basic Chillers aren’t the safest of sippables either, but they’ll save you up to 880 calories.

Drink This Instead!
Very Berry Chiller (20 fl oz)
290 calories
0 g fat
71 g sugars

For more information visit http://health.yahoo.com/experts/eatthis/56052/americas-best-amp-worst-quothealthquot-drinks/

Sunday, May 23, 2010

So what gets rid of extra abdominal fat?

The updated USDA food pyramid, published in 20...Image via Wikipedia

by Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer

Is there actually a REAL solution beyond all of the gimmicks and hype that you see in ads and on commercials for "miracle" fat loss products?

The first thing you must understand is that there is absolutely NO quick fix solution. There are no pills or supplements of any sort that will help you lose your abdominal fat faster. Also, none of the gimmicky ab rockers, rollers, or ab belts will help get rid of abdominal fat either.You can't spot reduce your stomach fat by using any of these worthless contraptions.It simply doesn't work that way.

The only solution to consistently lose your abdominal fat and keep it off for good is to combine a sound nutritious diet full of unprocessed natural foods with a properly designed strategic exercise program that stimulates the necessary hormonal and metabolic response within your body. Both your food intake as well as your training program are important if you are to get this right.

I've actually even seen a particular study that divided thousands of participants into a diet-only group and an exercise & diet combined group. While both groups in this study made good progress, the diet-only group lost significantly LESS abdominal fat than the diet & exercise combined group. Find out more information by visiting http://e6e08p19-dfcdqe9jcu4hzti8n.hop.clickbank.net/

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